Dad Comes to Visit the "New" Shop Tomorrow

I know that this is a business blog but since I write pretty much from the heart it's difficult to not get personal from time to time. This is one of those moments indeed. Not many people know this but Ozzie and I took over Deco's as new owners just over a month ago. Yes we've hung a new management sign out front but I'm not sure how many folks pass by that portion of North Main on a reoccurring basis. Well tomorrow my dad comes into town. He doesn't live all that far away but this is a few hours drive and for him it's a bit of travel so this is his first time getting out this way since we've taken over. Even though Deco's has already been in business this is a new venture for Ozzie and I and my dad is very excited to see the place and all that we have done since taking over ownership.

While preparing my dad's room for tomorrow evening at home I couldn't help be reminisce about childhood. I thought to my myself, what was the very first meal that I can remember my dad cooking for me. I'll never forget when I was very young my cousin would stay over from time to time and my dad would make his special breakfast for us. It was scrambled eggs with cheese and ham. He prepared it in such a way that the ham was cut up in tiny pieces and mixed into the eggs. The eggs were beaten so well that watching him make the eggs was like watching a mixer switched to high gear. He probably figuring that we were young and it would be more palatable for us to eat if they were prepared in a fluffy style. The cheese that he used made for a velvety texture that added an extra flavor and as a child this was just scrumptious. Heck, as an adult it's scrumptious. My dad had, and still has a way of cooking his eggs. When scrambled they still remain soft and with just enough moisture to make them melt in your mouth good. To this day I cannot eat overcooked scrambled eggs. When it comes to over easy eggs my dad prefers them in a way however that I just could not tolerate. When he orders them at our hometown diner he says "crack em', flip em', and take em' off.  "Ewwww dad" I exclaim every time. The order remains just as shocking now even though I've heard it my entire life. Like I think it will change and some day he'll oder the huevos rancheros over hard...not. Maybe the next time we're in Boston I'll suggest the Tobiko with Quail Egg Yolk at my favorite sushi spot.

Love you dad, can't wait to see you tomorrow!