It's so much more than the food

While my husband Ozzie has been in the restaurant business for decades this venture is new for me. My only experience was a summer job in the salad prep area of a hometown family restaurant when I was all of fourteen years old. I expected that I'd be helping with the marketing, answering phones and taking food orders. I'm not the best at it but I'm trying. Our customers are so patient when they see me fumbling with the buttons on our register. Most times we all end up in laughing about it. A humorous break in the hectic stressful daily life routine.

Something that I did not expect however is just how personal the food business can be. It's more than just providing great food and making people happy and of course full. We're connecting with our customers in ways that I would have never expected. The other evening a regular customer came into the store and shared a life event that was unfolding that very week. It was such a shocking story that he actually showed us photographs capturing the moment. We've met members of the community that have been in business for nearly forty years and they share their success stories and offer a hand should we ever need it. Almost daily we meet individuals from all areas of Mansfield that are active in various aspects from public service to business and community involvement. Customers take the time to provide feedback for us both positive and negative in a caring manner. It is so nice to see that they want nothing for us but success. I never expected to have such patient and caring customers. They can see that we are trying our best when it's a Friday evening and there are many orders in the queue. Their patience, gratitude and support is beyond anything that we could have expected.

We are so incredibly grateful. It's something that I never expected. I thought it would be all about the food when it is clearly so much more.