New Years Resolutions...Maybe we should pause...

As we head into the new year of 2107 there's talk of new years resolutions all around. It's no surprise that a number of them relate to food. Statements such as "I'm going to eat healthier this year.  I'm going to eat nothing but veggies and salads. No sugar for me this year!" I could go on and on. Although what I haven't heard is anyone say I'm going to enjoy at least one meal of the day and use this moment as a time to reflect, relax and enjoy both my time and the company of others.

I can't help but take a step back to a time just a few weeks ago. Ozzie and I had the opportunity to attend a talk given by none other than American chef, writer and restauranteur Mario Batali. While on stage in Boston proudly showing off his famous orange crocs he answered a number of questions from the audience. While the discussion of food was of course the main focus an important take home message was that we've lost the essence of the act of eating food together and to be in the moment. To enjoy the company of one another. We should eat and then pause. Hold off on clearing the plates away. Sit and take some time, 15 minutes or so in that magical moment. Relax, reflect, converse. Keep the phones face down on the table. Slow things down and really enjoy the act of eating, conversing and really reflect and enjoy the bounty of what we have had the opportunity to consume. 

Perhaps this is an important part of life that we've overlooked. These days the fast pace of life has us running on full tilt. Perhaps it's time to stop, take a moment, let the plates sit on the table and enjoy what is around us. Take it all in. Enjoy the true essence of a meal, food and what it means to be alive. The meal doesn't need to be a five star fine dining experience to be enjoyed.

The next time you order a meal from Deco's. Even if its at simple as a cheese pizza. Pause for a few minutes afterwards either alone or with family and friends. Let the plates sit for 15 minutes. Discuss the day. Talk about life. Enjoy this time. We deserve this in the new year and with hope many more to come.