First Major Winter Storm Hits New England

Well today the first major storm of 2017 has hit and is in full effect. The trains are still rolling in and out of the Mansfield station. We've had to reduce our service tonight, meaning pick up only. Just too risky having our drivers out and about. We're staying open for the essential personnel, police, fire and plows, and of course weary train travelers. From time to time there is a train that pulls in and you can't help but feel sorry for those trudging through the snow with the ice cold snow flakes hitting their cold faces and melting instantly leaving them with a cold and wet face. I'm fortunate to be sitting here in our warm pizza shop with the toasty pizza oven to my back. The smell of freshly made dough and sauce lingers in the air. Take care in this storm folks, it will warm up before we know it. It is New England after all. If you don't like the weather wait five minutes it will change.  -Kimberly