Slice of the pie...literally

This morning as I awoke I made my bed as soon as my feet hit the floor. (I was raised by a mother who valued a well made bed when rising for the day). I had a song playing in my head and I must have awoken to the tune as it lingered in my mind. From a TV sitcom in the late 70's "The Jefferson's". I'm sure most of us have heard the song "Moving On Up" at one time or another in our lives. The line that stood out to me specifically was the last line played before the start of every episode. "We finally got a piece of the pie". Did the singer mean pizza pie I wonder? :)

Over the past month or so it's been my job to create a buzzz... about the restaurant. I've been actively posting on social media and have even created a contest for the Mansfield Hornets Pizza. Door to door menus, shaking hands and promoting our great food to everyone that will give me ten seconds of their time. I dream of a day when we have a steady stream of folks coming in for lunch and no room to even sit in our 80's laminate booths in the evenings. Pizza drivers rushing in and out of the door at a frantic pace. Pizzas flying in an out of the ovens so fast that cornmeal and flour dust fills the air.

This is my vision, my hope and my dream for Ozzie and I. His cooking is deserving but we've got a long road ahead. Someday I hope that we can sing the last line of the song proudly.... "We finally got a piece of the pie..."