Is it a sign? Postal marketing vs. online?

By now you have probably figured out that I am the shout it from the rooftops gal. The cog that is the wheel of marketing for our little pizza shop. Ozzie is in charge of the kitchen and making the most yummy food possible. From a simple slice of cheese pizza to the most complex large filled calzone. He's got it covered.

So it's my job to kick the Hornets nest of Mansfield (pun intended) and to create a buzz (yes, another pun). In my challenge to bring attention to our little shop I'm currently on the fence about how to go about doing so. 

Up until now I haven't sent out a mailing to our town but lately I've been thinking that maybe that is something I should be doing. After all, isn't that what all of the other restaurants do?

While standing in line today at the Mansfield Post Office to inquire about the process  I pulled out my phone to distract myself while in line. So I proceeded with of my favorite activities. Checking in on social media. Now I typically do not receive direct messages from social media sites but there was one in my inbox so I decided to take a moment and read it. I will tell you it was the kindest, most inspirational message that I have yet to receive. It was from a family that just moved to the area and they went on to say how much they enjoyed our food. The main focus of the message stated that they took note of all of the social media work that I have been doing and praised me for it. Here someone went out of their way to wish me a wonderful 2017 and to let me know what a wonderful job I was doing online. All this while standing in line waiting at the post office to learn about my print mailing options. As another sign, when I got to the counter the agent told me, oh...everything you need to submit a mailing can be found online. (huh...)

I can't help but this a sign? Maybe I should ditch the idea of print mail advertising and just do what comes from the heart. Sharing stories and information online. Doing what I enjoy. Talking about food, how much joy it can bring and how lucky we are to have this in abundance in our lives.